At EFTM we’ve written about fitness gadgets, gym classes and blenders. Together, you have a great combination to a better version of you. Open a catalogue and some blenders can set you back over $900. When you’re thinking of a smoothie, it is rather insane to purchase something so expensive.


We’ve been testing the new Breville Kinetix to Go and gotten ourselves into the habit of gym, smoothie, go to work. Repeat. It takes some preparation however the Breville made some parts very simple. We’ll explain.

Sunday morning doing the groceries we had a recipe for breakfast smoothies on hand so we could buy enough for the week. For breakfast we would have – in one smoothie:

  • One banana
  • One apple
  • A fist full of baby spinach
  • Two celery sticks
  • A fist full of mint
  • Some chia seeds
  • Dash of cold water

It’s a decent amount of fruit and veg in one drink, certainly beats toast and vegemite, right?


These products are easy to find and will stay fresh enough for the week. It also wont cost the earth. In the morning, after a workout the prep is easy, chopping and dicing ready for the Breville to do the work.

The Breville Kinetix to Go has a few blending functions but our favourite feature is the two tops you can use as containers to blend. One is a typical jug for larger batches, cocktails etc. The other is essentially a bottle. It’ll be your one smoothie, from blender to mouth. The screw lid is perfect for it and the craft behind it all is genius.


We throw all our chopped bits of fruit and veg into the “bottle” screw the blender attachment to it, clip it in the blender and in a minute we’re ready to drink. The bottle fits in cup holders and is ideal for consuming on the trip to work.

What this means is no need to wash a blender jug and wash a bottle, it’s all in one. The blender itself managed to chew through all the bits we put in there no problem, we do emphasise the dash of water though, it helps a blender when something is ready to spin, it stirs things up immediately.

At less than $120, this is a cheap and smart solution. Put your FitBit on, go for a workout, throw down a smoothie, what… a…. morning.