Dash cam’s are well-known for their ability to capture stupid or miraculous incidents on video, those videos are being shared online because people just aren’t used to seeing incidents from the driver’s seat and often they are something exceptional.  The latest dash cameras do a whole lot more than just record video too as evident by the newly announced Laser Navig8r Crash Cam PRO X.

160512_Navig8r Pro X 818 Crash Cam (2)

This little device is a step above the low-cost camera only units as it features maps and mapping info for the benefit of the driver and it’s now available at Harvey Norman for $349.

While driving you can view your location via the on-screen map which shows roads and street names, though it is not a navigation device allowing you to enter a destination but you’ll always know where you are.

160512_Navig8r Pro X 818 Crash Cam (3)

Being an Aussie company Laser have built this product specifically for our market with intelligent alerts for school zones, speed cameras and red-light cameras.  The device takes into account the local rules for your area rather than a blanket set of rules across the country.

The best example of that is school zones which vary in speed and times in different states.

There’s also a very cool Journey Review mode which incorporates Google Maps on your computer to replay your journey after the event, and a “park mode” which activates the camera even when you’re not in the car.

In another differentiation to other units on the market Laser have used what they call Super Full high-definition which is 1296p – above the fullHD 1080p resolution boasted by others.  This offers better resolution for identifying signs and perhaps also number plates, and the PRO X also has a 165 degree wide-angle lens.

160517_Navig8r 818 Crash Cam_HR_LS Shot

All in all, it’s feature rich – we’ll give it a full review in the weeks ahead.

Laser Navig8r Crash Cam PRO X Key Features:

  • 1296p high resolution
  • 16-megapixel camera
  • 165-degree wide angle viewing
  • 2-inch LCD screen, auto on/off
  • GPU Ambarella A7 chipset
  • 4.0MP CMOS Sensor 
  • F3.0 f/2.0 lens
  • 6-glass element lens
  • G-Sensor recording and parking mode
  • Google Maps: on-screen maps, GPS tracking, driver fatigue monitoring, red light/speed camera alerts, school zone alerts
  • Time stamp, loop record, built-in microphone
  • HDMI output
  • MOV file format