It should come as no surprise with us spending more time at home, we’re also having to clean our home more. This has led to us buying more appliances to clean as well as coining a new term — chore snacking.

Disclaimer: The research and results are from a study conducted by Samsung but the results still hold, no matter who conducted the research.

Samsung’s Australians@Home research has shown that Australians are obsessed with cleaning their houses with a quarter of Australians having changed their cleaning routine as they adapt to spending more time at home. 29% of respondents were “obsessed” with cleaning with that number increasing to 44% for young families and 43% amongst millennials.

34% of Australians are now also performing a weekly “deep clean” and 64% cleaning around the home daily. The reason for this increase in cleaning was suspected to be because having a clean home made three quarters of Australians feel less stressed and 70% safer.

Chore snacking has also helped Australians by allowing them to feel less pressure to get all their household chores done on the weekend. This increased time at home has allowed Australians to perform their chores bit by bit with smaller, more frequent chores helping Aussies feel on top of the cleaning and other chores.

Other findings from the study include an increase in TV consumption, home-cooked meals and baking. None of this is groundbreaking research but another reminder that the pandemic has forced us to change the way we live our lives and look for ways to alleviate stress.

As you would expect, Samsung (and many others) has appliances they are willing to sell you to help you with all of these chores and other changes in lifestyle. The pandemic may have changed the way we live our lives but we should always be on the lookout for ways to make our lives easier and less stressful.