Ok, we knew Optus were going to make their own IPTV channel for the English Premier League, we also know there will be some games shown on SBS – but for the hard core who want their game live no matter what else is on, Optus is about your only option.

The EPL is available on a range of Optus plans both Mobile and Broadband, but to check specifically your mobile plan is included you’ll have to wait until May 15 when Optus will have a site allowing you to register and check.

If you are an Optus customer you’re going to get every single match of the EPL live with a single 24/7 EPL channel plus up to nine sub-channels to ensure that when there are simultaneous games they are all being shown.

The EPL streaming will be unmetered on eligible plans so you can watch as much as you want – no drama…

Telstra Customer – nope, no go.. Vodafone – nope, no go.  iiNet – nope, no go.  Gotta be with Optus.

As an Optus customer you’ll be able to register four devices to stream the content – and the good news is it will work on other networks, as long as you are an Optus Customer.

EFTM contacted Optus and asked : “If I’m a Vodafone mobile customer, and have Optus home broadband, can I watch on my mobile phone (as one of four devices registered to my account) (though data costs will be mine to pay on Vodafone)” The answer was Yes.


We also asked “If I’m an Optus Mobile customer, but Telstra home broadband, can I watch on my mobile device” – Yes.

If you have a retail Fetch TV box (you might have bought it from Harvey Norman) you cannot stream EPL.  You need to be an Optus Yes TV customer.

However – on the new Fetch Mini device, you can be a customer of any home broadband service and watch the EPL (Data charges will apply) as long as you are a eligible Optus Mobile customer.


Ben White, Managing Director of Marketing and Product at Optus said, “From mobile plans with generous data and call inclusions, through to home broadband plans that come with unlimited data, Yes TV by Fetch, and the EPL included, Optus has a great range of EPL plans suited to all lifestyles and budgets.”

“While you’ll need to be an Optus customer to get all the EPL action, Optus research shows that close to two in three (63%) football fans, who are not already Optus customers, are out of contract for at least one of their fixed broadband or mobile services.”

Yep, they’re looking for you to switch to Optus just for the EPL – that’s a big call!

“We’re confident that when these fans see our range of great value EPL-ready plans, they’ll be convinced that now’s the right time to switch. And for those not quite ready to make that extra commitment, we also have a great postpaid BYO mobile plan that will provide access to the EPL,” Mr White said.

Then there’s the lounge room option.  Teaming up with Fetch TV – Optus “Yes TV by Fetch” will ensure you can have the Fetch Set-top box in the lounge connected to the big-screen streaming the games via your home broadband.

For those without a Set-top box from Fetch, they have a new product coming in July called Fetch Mini – think of it like Apple TV, a streaming device that does not have a hard drive for all the PVR and movie content you get on Fetch now, instead it’s a gateway to a world of Streaming TV – including Optus EPL.

This is really going to frustrate some folks, the question is, will it frustrate them enough to switch to Optus?

We wait and wonder.