Dropbox has had an Australian operation for just over two years now, and while having a local office and team will help with marketing and growing the product there’s something very impressive about their latest stats – showing 50% of Aussie internet users using Dropbox.

That’s right – 1 in 2 Connected Aussies are using Dropbox – wow.

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Their growth as a business is driven not by the free standard accounts, nor really from the additional premium accounts – but by business take-up.

11,000 business teams in Australia are using Dropbox – the reason being that it is common language – if you use it personally, then using it for work makes basic common sense.

Organisations like Vodafone are using Dropbox, while the platform itself now integrates seamlessly with Xero accounting, Adobe and Microsoft platforms.

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Dropbox say in their own blog post that “What our users are achieving never ceases to amaze us. Whether it’s helping Campos Coffee connect to coffee growers around the globe, supporting fast growing businesses such as Ben & Jerry’s launch and grow in new markets, helping the Australian Sailing Team go for gold, or allowing Future Classic to work more collaboratively with artists, we’re proud to play a part. 

In fact, from high growth startups such as Campaign Monitor, Shoes of Prey and Stylerunner, to large enterprises such as Mirvac, CSBP,  Bauer Media and Servcorp, Dropbox Business has powered their growth.”

Don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live without Dropbox.  Sharing files as small as a GIF or as large as a broadcast video from anywhere in the world like we’re sitting next to each other is very cool.

All we need now is a stronger NBN across the country with solid upload and download speeds to really further this evolution.

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Heck, from within the Dropbox app you can now “scan” a document right into your Dropbox folder and share it – the power of the smartphone folks!