If there’s one thing Drones suffer from it’s a lack of purpose in the market – everyday folk can’t see why they matter.  Kinda like the NBN where people think it’s all about downloading and streaming movies, drones are a lot more than photos and videos from the sky.  Aussie company Flirtey have given a demonstration of just what could be the future for drones.

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Flirtey have conducted the first “ship to shore” delivery which could foreshadow a future for these unmanned aerial vehicles in disaster zones and recovery efforts.


“Imagine a future where in the event of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, Flirtey drones rapidly deliver emergency medical supplies, food and water,” said Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeny. “During Hurricane Sandy more than 1.4 million liters of water, 1.6 million meals, and 1 million fliers were delivered by first responders. Imagine how much faster and further these life saving resources could be delivered by drone. This demonstration is helping to make that future a reality, and taking us one step closer to Flirtey’s mission to save lives and change lifestyles.”

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Now to be clear, they took off from a small barge or diving platform just off the coast, it was a very simple demonstration that from a drone perspective isn’t exactly a challenging thing – but it was all about the demonstration.

Getting people talking about drones as useful products in these situations is exactly what is required.


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“This is an unprecedented opportunity to provide urgent aid and advanced diagnosis tools into a disaster zone with interoperability with key government relief assets,” said Flirtey Co-founder Tom Bass.

They’ve nailed the drone, now Flirtey seem (rightly) hell bent on changing the perception of drones in the media and market-place, establishing themselves as leaders in the field which can only be good for their own future.