One of the most common questions I get on the radio, via email and on my podcast is “which mobile phone should I buy” and the answer is very specific to any given user, but let’s look at each of the market segments and determine just what the answer is today.

The big one is what’s the best phone – no holds barred, where should I throw my money?


Well – the answer in my view is still the iPhone 6s.  Apple’s flagship device is getting close to a year old and while it’s camera credentials are being challenged by the newcomers its ease of use, huge App Store and range of accessories make it the best in the business.


Behind that, but by a nose in a  photo finish is Samsung’s top-notch Galaxy S7.  Now waterproof it’s the second year of a stunning design, great performance and excellent camera.


Coming from behind in 2016 will be the Huawei P9 – due for release soon, we’ll bring our review in the next few weeks, but having been using it now for several weeks, I can tell you this phone has the potential to really shake up the options for buyers.

What about if you want something a little more low maintenance and for basic functionality.


There are a lot of options here, my pick of the bunch is Alcatel’s Go Play – now on sale at Big W for just $299 outright, it’s shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and runs Android very well.  Plus it’s good looking.  A great option outright.


Spend a touch more and consider the Oppo R9 for its build quality, easy Android interface and that selfie-camera but you’re forking out a touch more at $599.

And if you’re on a budget?


Well, we’ve covered the $99 smartphones before – right now you’ll find the Galaxy J1 Ace at Vodafone for $121 or so – and I can’t go past it, Samsung quality is the same down at this price, and while the camera isn’t as great, nor is the speed, it’s still snappy and will get done those basic tasks with ease!


If you want to chat about your personal mobile preference or which phone might suit you – just email Trevor Long and be a guest on his next podcast!