It’s pretty important not to spend your time comparing $299 phones with $999 phones if you’re out there hitting the stores trying to find your next smartphone.  But when you stop and look at what’s available between $250 and $350 you’ll be blow away by the choice – and Alcatel’s latest offering in that range will impress.


This phone doesn’t pretend to be some fancy diamond cut single body aluminium flagship smartphone.  It’s built to withstand the crazy life of a teenager most likely, which is good also for those adults not fussed by the big name brands but keen on something that’s going to take the hits and knocks and accidental spills.

The Alcatel Go Play is affordable and durable – two words that don’t often sit together well in the smartphone space.

We have phones in the high price bracket that can take a dunk in some water, and we have great high-quality build and design in the low price bracket.  So what this phone does is offer features and affordability – well worth considering.


It’s very light to hold, I think that almost every time I pick it up.  Probably because it’s not a cold metal body, it’s made to be light and withstand a few things!

With its IP67 rating, it’s shockproof – dustproof and waterproof.   Not just a little – a lot.

That’s great for people who love the beach, water sports, or who are around water day in and day out.  Plus for the many who’ve suffered a smartphone loss in watery situations – from the loo to the pool it doesn’t matter, most won’t survive.


I haven’t given it a few weeks of testing, but my early observations on the battery life support the “Long battery life” claims Alcatel are making about it – and while it’s not going to be a several day phone, it’s going to get you through a standard day for sure.

8 megapixel camera at the back and 5 at the front make for good specs, but as with all the mid-range phones this is the one area you’ll feel let down in if you start comparing yours to someone who paid $1000.  In the optimal lightning situations this thing will shoot a great shot.

Turning the tables, this shot taken by the Go Play

Turning the tables, this shot taken by the Go Play

Heading onto Instagram and after the standard snapseed editing your friends won’t know you’re not on the latest big-brand phone.

In low-light or in high detail areas the camera falls short. But – let me be clear, if you’re looking for the high-end camera you need to pay or it.  Nothing in this price range is going to get you close to an iPhone or Samsung – don’t believe the hype.

For social media photos, the Go Play is just right – hey, not too many other phones you can take out into the waves for photos right?


That shockproof rating?  Pretty important when this guy is dropped onto the cement pavement – yep the outer edges will cop the odd scratch or mark, but they won’t stop it working.  That’s not to say it won’t break or crack ok – on the right angle I can see the screen smashing into a thousand pieces – that’s not a fault of the phone – it’s a feature of glass.

Embracing the social trend of the moment, Alcatel tell me the device will also ship with Periscope, Vine and Zello – so you can broadcast away to your heart’s content!

The Go Play comes in five colours, yellow/lime green, white/orange, red/black, black/grey and orange/blue.


It’s running android 5.0 and a nice clean version of it too and while not mentioned widely in Alcatel’s own key features of the Go Play, swipe right on the home screen to show the “one touch stream” and you’re getting all your need to know info at a glance.  This reminds me of iPhone’s “Today” feature, or the Google Now style concept – but very well laid out and at a glance weather and calendar info.


Search around, and ask around – the Alcatel Go Play is a top contender for your ownership in the sub $300 mark, and frankly compares well to almost anything in the sub $400 range let alone higher with the water and shock proof features.

Priced at $299 – available now.

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