Your keyboard is a very personal thing, you’re tapping away on it all day, you’re comfortable with it and it’s strange when you use someone else’s keyboard – am I right? Now imagine you could use that single keyboard for your phone and tablet too!  Easy.


The Logitech K780 multi-device keyboard is available for $149.95 and is a 100% bluetooth keyboard allowing you to pair it to any mobile device, or computer with Bluetooth.

Plus, if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth or makes life difficult there is the Unity USB pairing that’s available too.

This is isn’t the first, and won’t be the last multi-device keyboard.  What’s cool about this one is the design.


Above the keys is a slot where you can stand your phone and or tablet.  They sit right in front of you.

In fact, sit your Tablet there and this becomes a laptop-like use-case.  In front of your PC you can tap away on a document, then reply to text messages with the tap of a button.


Three buttons top left numbered 1-2-3 and in a different colour so as not to confuse the actual numeral keys are what you press to switch between devices.

You know what else is great?  It’s actually a really comfortable keyboard – I think I’ll stick with it – it’s light to touch but still needs a proper press to get the keystrokes going.


The arrows are below the right shift key and are a touch small, but that’s my only complaint.

If we’re really trying to look at this as part of a product family, I can see Logitech going one step further.  Allow a simple power connection to the keyboard to keep it charged (though the battery life is two years so no real issue there) and add the smartdock connectors for iPad pro  like the Logi Base – and a lightning connector for iPhone.  They’re sitting there anyway – why not charge at the same time!

At $149, its great value – and a great gift idea for the multi-device dad too!