I first saw the Moto 360 second generation smartwatch at IFA in Berlin last September, staggering to think it’s only now arriving in Australia for sale, but for the dedicated – it’s finally here, and it’s a smooth improvement on generation one and offers a smartwatch solution to both Android and iPhone users



There’s no doubt Motorola set the smartwatch trend of going “traditional” with the original Moto 360, the normal looking round face was a first, with others before it in a square or rectangular shape.

Sadly that black bar at the bottom of the screen is still there, evident mostly on a mainly white clockface and white based apps.  It’s not a deal-breaker but it’s a little bug-bear.


Android Wear is available for iPhone users and I immediately found that I was getting a whole host of notifications I didn’t think would translate to the platform.  You’re basically able to get all the same notifications as you do on your phone.

There’s two styles coming to Australia, one for men and one for women and we’ll see accessories like bands coming from Motorola too locally so you can take advantage of the quick release bands.



Around back pressed against your skin the Moto 360 is checking your heart-rate, as well as tracking movement and steps and the wireless charger is back for round two.

Overall, this is a cracking great watch – elegant, and super customisable.  The look is good, the band connections are well thought out and at $479 it’s certainly solid value given its cross-platform compatibility.


Battery should last two full days according to Motorola, but as I’ve said before, don’t let that stop you from charging it daily – sooner or later you’re going to forget.


Both mens and womens are $479, the mens is a 46mm face with congnac leather band, while the 42mm with silver metal strap is designed for a smaller wrist.

Harvey Norman will stock both from July 13 and they’ll be at Motorola.com.au shortly after that too.