The upside to having a beard?  No daily shaving.  The downside?  The mess of the upkeep when you do it.  Philips Series 7000 Beard Trimmer attempts to take away that mess as part of the process using a vacuum like action to keep things tidy.

Philips reckon a device like this could mean you can shave anywhere – not just over the bathroom sink.  Hmmm…


At $149 it’s a reasonable price for what you get.  A high quality fit and finish, easily adjustable trim length with a digital display and easy to see and understand battery indicator.


After a quick charge, I got straight to work.  Now I don’t let my beard grow out of control – I’m a weekly trimmer – so while it makes a mess, it’s hardly huge amounts.


The problem with beard trimmings are they are tiny and stick to every bloody thing around the sink.  The clean up afterwards takes longer than the trim itself.

With the Philips Series 7000 the trim was fast, easy and didn’t require too much repeat trimming so as a trimmer – top stuff.

After the trim, I took a look inside the thing and there were the clippings.


You remove the blade and the trimmings can be easily tapped out into a bin.  One glance at the sink shows me that this is not a 100% clean task.  What was left was very minimal, and very easy to wipe up.  But – this is not a trim anywhere solution.  Sit on the lounge and there’s going to be small trimmings left.


So, while it doesn’t in my view meet the “trim anywhere” challenge, I don’t think that’s the real challenge here.  The challenge is – will the wife get upset more or less with you using this device.

The answer is less.  Because the clean-up is much smaller and easier, so the Series 7000 from Philips is well worth the dollars.