Some of us are spending up to eight hours (or more) at our desks. It should be an enjoyable place to work and there is a good chance that we all can use some advice when it comes to improving our desk setups.

Here are five items to bring some excitement back to your workspace.

Upgrade the View


The latest monitors from Samsung are available in a sexy curved shape. This means that the image on the screen comes around you a little more and gives you some further depth to the image. They’re not necessarily that much more expensive either and come in a beautiful 27inch if your budget allows. The range starts at $289 for the 22inch and goes up to $699 for the 32inch. Our advice is to get two smaller ones and run dual displays, it’s a productivity winner.

Bring back the ball


Mice usually ship with a new desktop purchase, many will buy a cheap option if necessary and some go for extreme gaming mice. Forget them all. We tested this recently and we’re still using it. The Kensington Expert Mouse is a space saver, fast to use and easier on the wrists. It’s wireless, looks great, and a great conversation starter. Read our review here

Manage Storage Differently


Little USB sticks are handy but feel like floppy disks nowadays. Cloud storage is fantastic and should be used all day everyday. The main issue with cloud storage is when you need files offline. There is a middle ground here. A decent USB storage device was once a large bulky hard disk in a cradle. Now there are options that fit in your suit pocket, look sexy, pack a stack of storage AND have transfer speeds that will blow your mind. SSD storage drives such as the Samsung T3 deliver all this. The 256GB model is priced at $179 up to a 2TB $1079 version.

Tune out and Tune in

Listening to music, taking calls and working without a distraction is all part of the day. Some people love to work with music, some like silence. Sadly, many are still using their phones boxed earphones to listen to music and take calls throughout the day. We’ve been testing the new Parrot Zik 3 headphones and have a things to say. Firstly, they look great, their noise cancelling is very good, they’re wireless, can be used to take calls and music is what it does best. They’re not cheap but nothing good ever is, $599.

Light up your Space

A lamp can go a long way to adding extra light to your workspace and that’s just fine for $20. But what about sexy looking lighting or lighting you can talk about? Or what about lighting that will last for years and never dim? Yeah the mad scientists at Dyson have a lamp that is perfect for workspaces, makes a statement and works like any other Dyson product. It is damn expensive for a lamp but you’ll find a way to justify it. The desk CSYS lamp will set you back $850. More info here