You’ve gotta love those crafty folk at Google. Spending 20 percent of their time at Google on “Side Projects” and I reckon that’s where this one came from.

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll know they are celebrating 25 years of the show. You can watch every episode on Stan – it’s on high rotation in our home right now.

So google the characters. “Ross Friends”, or “Joey Friends” .

On the right hand side of the results on a PC, or at the top on mobile, you’ll get that handy info “card” Google shows, photos of the character, name, a short bio etc.

There’s also a little picture.

For Ross, it’s a Couch. For Joey, a Pizza.

Click it.

Gold. For each it’s different, most just repeat, Ross’ couch has four different actions – so keep clicking.

Works for Monica

For Phoebe

For Chandler.

But not for Rachel?

Still, great fun. Tell your friends.