Not so long ago the mice for navigation on your home computer had a ball at the bottom, nowadays we have laser guidance on them. Today however Kensington have put the ball on top!


The main reasons for people using a trackball style mouse is a few; some love them because the device doesn’t need to be moved, meaning no extra space required. Some love them for ergonomics, they have a lot less wrist strain. And some even find them faster and more accurate to use compared to traditional mice.


A trackball mouse is not entirely new, they have been available before. This model we are testing though has a few features worth mentioning. Firstly, the cords are removed, this mouse is bluetooth and sits on your desk all alone. It has four bottons around the track ball, they function as your left/right click, navigational click and a handy back button. The snooker sized track ball is surrounded by a ring which turns for scrolling. The ball can be removed which is handy for cleaning and a concealed office weapon.


Setting up the mouse was easy and the most fascinating thing is how easy and how quickly we were able to adapt to the trackball. It felt natural without any effort and the statistics are correct, it feels accurate, easy on the wrist and we love how little space it consumes. It draws plenty of attention at the office, it does look a little odd to many, however they too found it easy to use when offered a try.

After five days of use in the office there is no sign that it’ll be removed, consider us converted.

The Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball is available now for $149.95