The Nine Network has updated its mobile apps to enable support for Google Chromecast in a further enabler for the mobile TV and catch-up revolution.

Chromecast – similar to Apple TV in some ways, allows users to discover and control content via their smart device – mobile or tablet, but watch it on a big-screen TV using the Chromecast dongle.


The dongle is just $59 and frees the content from your small screen phone and wirelessly displays it on the big-screen TV of your choice.

It does this not by actually broadcasting the screen from your phone, but using the power of the Chromecast to actually stream the content – your phone simply triggers the stream to start and allows you to control the stream from the phone, while also freeing you up to keep browsing your apps, email, Facebook on your phone while the stream continues.


Speaking about the launch, Niamh Collins, General Manager of Product and Digital Operations at Nine said “9Now already has 1.9 miIlion subscribers but we are excited that the Chromecast launch will extend the footprint of service,” 

“We have been working hard to develop a best-in-class Chromecast experience. As the first Australian commercial free-to-air broadcaster to implement Chromecast, Nine is providing consumers with greater choice to access excellent home-grown Australian content on 9Now.

“Today’s launch really speaks to our wider goal of having the best experience across all sorts of devices. If you want to watch our content on the big or small screen, we have a product tailored for you.”

9Now is the new brand for Channel 9’s catch up and live streaming service, which is now available online, on iOS, Android, Telstra TV and Apple TV – as well as streaming to Chromecast from your mobile devices.


The process is simple, once you’ve setup your Chromecast on your WiFi network – all you need to do is open the 9Now app, and as long as you’re connected to the same WiFi network as the Chromecast, you can begin “casting” the content with the press of a button.