I’ve reviewed other Marley products, and I’ve seen the brand’s presence at trade shows like CES grow in recent years, and lately, I’ve seen more and more of their products on and in the ears of people out on the street. Perhaps my experience with the in-ear Nesta headphones is proof of why.

Look, I get a lot of stuff to test. Often, I lose track. Today, I was clearing up getting ready to go through a range of products when I found these Marley Nesta headphones sitting just waiting for me to use.


I stopped in my tracks, because twice this week, once out on the street in Sydney CBD and then once at the radio station I’m working at I noticed people with Marley brand headphones.

So I tore open the box. The quality of these guys is great, and the fabric covered cord meant no easy tangling too.


Then I plugged them in. Woah, these sound great. Like – really great. I flicked through a few different tracks on my music collection, then I sat back and just enjoyed it.

The sound was deep, not overly bass driven but deep, however also crisp, hearing light gentle notes in songs.

I leant forward and searched my email for the press release about the Marley Nesta headphones.

“The Nesta In-Ear Headphones are made with a zirconia shaped ceramic housing, which features a modern stainless steel trim. The result: a striking jewel-like aesthetic like no other – and thanks to the impartial acoustic properties of ceramic, you can now listen to music as it was heard in the studio.”


That’s normally marketing guff – but honestly, sounded great.

Somewhere inside these tiny things are 6mm dynamic drivers to produce a balanced sound, plus they fit really nicely in the ear.


You’ve got inline volume & track controls plus a microphone, and House of Marley are strong on the environment so if that’s your thing you’ll find they are made from sustainable materials too.

You’ll find them at JB-HiFi for $89.95 – yep, $90 – I reckon that’s a great deal, you won’t be disappointed by the sound.


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Marley Nesta in-ear headphones” rev_body=”These Nesta headphones from House of Marley are remarkable. Under $100, excellent sound, great design, build quality, fabric cord and sustainably produced.” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2016-09-23″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]