Chevy have unveiled a new five-seat SUV for the US market called the Equinox and almost immediately Holden have confirmed it is heading down under next year.


Holden’s statement says “Holden confirms the all-new Equinox SUV will join its line-up in 2017. This world-class SUV is the next step in Holden’s commitment to launching 24 new vehicles by 2020. Alongside the new Trax, Trailblazer and upcoming Acadia, Equinox means Holden will have four new SUVs within two years as the company continues its transformation and building for a bright and sustainable long-term future.”

Given recent history hasn’t been amazing for Holden with the Captiva failing to captivate the minds of Aussies and the Colorado 7 being something we just won’t speak about, the Equinox is a breath of fresh air, modern design, styling and equipment levels.

The all-new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is a fresh and modern SUV sized and designed to meet the needs of the compact SUV customer. Its expressive exterior has an all-new, athletic look echoing the global Chevrolet design cues seen on vehicles such as the Cruze, Bolt EV and 2017 Trax.

Of course, we don’t know how it will be equipped when it hits Australia, time will tell that.

Looking at the Equinox offering in the US, the safety features are interesting, and sadly I doubt all of it will make it down-under.

“Teen driver” is a feature, allowing parents to set controls and review an “in-vehicle report card” encouraging safer driving.


Likewise you’ve got lane assist, forward automatic braking and rear cross traffic alerts.

We’ll wait for the local announcement before we sing too many praises, but on face value alone I think the Equinox is the most Aussie suited SUV Holden has had for some time – on design alone.  We’re a fickle bunch!