While Apple dominated the headlines this week Sony took some time to announce their updated PS4 hardware which now includes two separate devices one slim, one “pro” – but the Pro quite simply misses the mark on 4K.


By announcing a PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony have created the “ultimate” games console – this device is 4K gaming ready, ready to support the future of games, and enable both HDR and 4K Streaming video services like Netflix and YouTube.

At $559, it’s a high end product, though priced only just above the Xbox One S, however, it lacks one very simple bit of tech. 4K Blu Ray support.


With Samsung hitting the market first with a 4K Blu Ray player at $599, then Microsoft jumping ahead of them with the Xbox One S supporting 4K Blu Ray at $549, it seems a real oversight for the next PlayStation to fail in this area.

You might argue that 4K Netflix support is “enough” but with so many new 4K Blu Ray titles hitting the market, these devices have the potential to be a way to grow their household penetration as an overall entertainment device just because it has 4K Blu Ray support and those buyers might then get into gaming.

I think it’s a missed opportunity. Big time.


The new PlayStation 4 follows the tradition of previous PlayStation generations of slimming down after a few years in market.

At $439.95 for the 500GB version or $509.95 for the 1TB version it’s a great price point and a much slimmer design which will suit even more households than ever.

Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia and New Zealand said “our vision is to present a clear choice to the gamer and we are steadfast in our commitment to being the best place to play. Today’s announcements are testament of this. With PlayStation 4 Pro, we look forward to introducing our players to our most powerful home console with the offering of the first class 4K and HDR technology. At 30% reduced size, the new model PS4 offers great value for the gamer and will also join the HDR revolution from next week. With the news we’ve unveiled today and PS VR launching on October 13, there’s never been a better time to join the PlayStation community.”


Great move on the PS4 slimming down, disappointed in the lack of 4K Blu Ray support in the PS4 Pro.