With the news of Presto’s demise today, and the relaunch of Foxtel Play there’s been one problem raised with me today – “that’s no good because it’s not in HD”.  Tonight I spoke with Director of Corporate Affairs at Foxtel Bruce Meagher.

When asked directly if and when HD was coming Meagher told EFTM “It’s definitely in the product pipeline”…

“I haven’t got a specific date, but sometime early in 2017 we’d be launching HD for all of those on demand and IP delivered services.”

Additionally he confirmed the “mini’ set-top box for Foxtel Play access was coming “We’ll also introduce our own puk device, a small mini box that will be cheap to buy and that you can plug into a television to get access to the service”


And finally, when it comes to an Apple TV app Meagher told EFTM “we’re looking at all those sorts of options, I don’t know if Apple TV is in the offering just yet”.. “we’ve got a pretty open mind for wanting to make it easy for people to get access to our content”

All good news for Foxtel Play users – the next 12 months will be critical for Foxtel to reignite their innovation in this space.

To hear the full interview listen to Your Tech Life Episode 347