They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so when Google executives talk about the importance of Hardware and Software working perfectly together that’s a nod to Apple’s success doing just that – for decades. Today, Google announced an important new product for them – the Pixel smartphone.

Aside from their deeply integrated work on both Hardware and Software, I noted four key areas in the Google Pixel announcement that are either aimed at or emulating Apple’s overwhelming success with the iPhone



Google say the camera on the Pixel smartphone is not just the best camera on a Google smartphone, but the best of any smartphone.  Using an independent evaluation, the camera is rated above that of the iPhone 7.  Though the iPhone 7 plus was not on the comparison slide.


Using advanced image stabilisation, a fast shutter, HDR and other software enhancements, Google reckon this thing is not only great quality, but fast.


The proof will be in the testing.


You bought the 16GB iPhone, and you love taking photos.  This kind of error is something familiar to you:


Google showed this on stage, much to the delight of the audience.  Aimed at Apple’s storage process, which allows for iCloud storage to a limited capacity without additional cost, Google announced unlimited full quality storage in Google Photos for Pixel owners.

This is a big deal, photos stored in the cloud are great, photos stored in Google’s cloud are intelligently discoverable. Google Photos is miles ahead of Apple Photos at this stage, though recent iOS 10 advanced have them playing fast catch-up.

Video Calling

There’s no doubting that “Facetime” has become the word to describe video calling, much to the disgust of fans of Skype or Google Hangouts.


Google Duo is a new app made for iPhone and Android that allows video calling over WiFi.  A fun new feature allows you to see the person calling you before you even answer too.

This cross-platform compatibility has the potential to dramatically impact on Facetime’s usage and growth, no longer to families need to share a platform to be able to communicate in this way.

Google Assistant

Siri – like Facetime – is the standard by which we measure voice recognition, or at least the name by which its referred to in society.  Google Assistant sets out to change that, operating in a chat like format, the Pixel Smartphone is built with Google Assistant in mind, and at the same time Google have announced a “Home” device which allows you to harness this power even without your smartphone.


These things are Apple’s core vertical benefits, in many cases the reason people use an iPhone.  And while the ability to transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone is not new, it’s been made easier yet again, with everything from your calendar to iMessages transferred across using a direct cable link.


The Google Pixel smartphone is available to buy direct from Google, but will also be sold exclusively at Telstra in Australia.

Outright, it’s $1079 in 32GB or $1229 as 128GB, the 5.5 inch XL is $1269 in 32GB or $1419 in 128GB.

Both variants of the Pixel will be available in Very Silver and Quite Black on a range of Telstra plans in 32GB and 128GB variants.

Looking at the plans, it’s a premium phone priced alongside your iPhone and Samsung for value comparison.

Pixel will be available October 20, or you can pre order today from 5.30am at