We all know how important having power is, that battery level is something we check regularly – especially when we’re out and about.  Having a powerbank spare battery is the answer, but wouldn’t it all be easier if no cables were required?


Enter the Laser Power Bank with Wireless charging.

This $40 little power brick packs 6000 mAh’s of charge, enough to get your battery refilled twice in most cases.


There are two USB outlets, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time, or for good measure, perhaps get rid of the cables all together.

For any device that has Qi wireless charging (lots of new Android phones do, the Samsung Galaxy S7 being the most notable), then you don’t need a cable at all.


Simply place your phone on the Power Bank and it starts charging!


It really is that easy.

One of the USB outputs is 1A (iPhone, smartphones) the other is 2.1A (Tablets etc)


Great little product, one to wow your mates with if you’ve got a Qi enabled smartphone

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