When you’re a tradie one of the simplest things you need to do can be the hardest – finding the source of the problem. Be it a leak, a short, or just damp – there’s a lot a Thermal Imaging camera can offer, but they’re pricey – unless your Smartphone has one built-in.

We looked at the CAT S61 Smartphone last year, and as with all good technology, this year – there’s a new version.

The Cat S62 Pro has an improved display, faster processor, more memory and – a better Thermal imaging camera.

Now sporting a 5.7 inch FHD+ display the colours are really bright, and while there might be many better with higher resolution – this is all you’ll ever need.

Critically, this is not just rugged, this is top end rugged. IP68 & 69, plus Military Spec 810H – bottom line it’s going to survive the drops and falls you’d least expect it to, and will work in the sandiest, dustiest and even saltiest environments.

Drop this thing from 1.8m and it’s going to be ready to go right away.

But what you really want to know is how that FLIR Thermal Imaging camera goes.

Well, firstly the snappier processor and improved memory really matters here. I remember the S61 being sluggish to load the Thermal camera, and it didn’t bother me because wow – it’s amazing right? But now I’ve launched the app from the CAT S62 Pro, I see the difference that can be there.

This is the highest resolution FLIR module available on a handheld device like this. It’s an increase of 4x on the number of thermal pixels being seen and shown.

Tradies use this kind of imaging to detect leaks, hotspots or electrical shorts – it’s amazing technology.

That you can buy this for $1099 and it’s a solid Android phone at any rate – is remarkable.

Camera in non-thermal mode is perfectly adequate, probably not fit to go head to heat with other phones in the same price, but if you consider a large portion of the price is the Thermal Imaging, then put this camera in the $600 range and you’re getting value for money.

Overall, its a great design, very easy to hold, though thicker than you would normal expect – but probably the same thickness as wrapping a vastly more expensive phone in a truely rugged case but without any of the real features a tradie wants from a device like this.

Web: CAT Phones Australia

Buy: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Catch