Plantronics Backbeat FIT get a colour update

Plantronics have added new colours to their Backbeat Fit range of Bluetooth headphones as wireless becomes the primary headphone connection type in 2016.


Initially three colours are available in Australia, “Power Blue”, “Sport Grey” and “Fit Fuchsia” and will range at the same RRP of $179.

The Backbeat FIT headphones are an around the back of the head and over the ear style of wireless headphone meaning they are ideal for the active among us.  Great for a run or at the Gym they won’t fall out-of-place at all.


To match that fitness mantra, the Backbeat FIT headphones have an IP57 rating for waterproof protection in the rain and are covered in a sweat-proof nano-coating so there’s no issue for those planning a big workout.

They are by no means noise cancelling, in fact the ear piece fits comfortably and provides great audio, but keeps a clear open sense of your surroundings.  This makes them rubbish for mowing the lawns, but great for a run where awareness of the road is critical.

And for those out at night, the reflective finish gives you added visibility to the motorists around you.


Battery life should ensure eight straight hours of listening, and for those who struggle to keep the fitness regime going, the deep-sleep hibernation mode should maintain the battery charge for six months.

I reckon these are some of the most comfortable and trusty Bluetooth headphones you can get, because you know they are there as they are hooked over your ear so you’re never worried about using them.  As I said before, not great for mowing the lawns, but on a walk or run, they are ideal.


You’ll find them at the end of this month in Rebel Sport, JB Hi-Fi and Amart for $179.  Stealth Green and Core Black will come to retail in early 2017.


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