What started as a simple idea has grown to reach a million customers with Amaysim today announcing they had reached 1 million customers just weeks ahead of their sixth birthday.

To be entirely clear, Amaysim itself may not have 1 million customers but within their “group” they’ve hit that milestone. This includes the Vaya mobile operation which would be tiny compared to Amaysim but may (at EFTM’s guess) account for 10% of that user base.

When it started, Amaysim was all about simplicity. Cents per minute, cents per text. Now they’ve got simple capped deals which are highly competitive in the market and offer 4G on the Optus Network.


Julian Ogrin, Chief Executive Officer of amaysim points to price and customer service as key to their success “The creation of the BYO category shook up the mobile market and Aussie consumers have been the real winners. There is now true choice, with simpler plans available and telcos having to work harder than ever to keep customers as the trend of no lock-in contracts
continues to rise.

“Customers are now in the driver’s seat and this is reflected in the expansion of the BYO market in Australia, which is growing faster than any other mobile market segment with 65% of people who switch providers choosing no lock-in contracts

“amaysim has stood out from day one in a crowded and confusing market because it is a customer champion that takes an online-driven subscription approach to mobile services and delivers a convenient DIY customer experience. Our customer complaint levels are consistently the lowest in the industry which is a testament to how we’ve raised the bar,”
said Ogrin.