There’s a lot of great products designed with the sole purpose of providing you with entertainment, so picking the Best was always going to be difficult.


Once we considered the possibilities there was one that kept its head above the rest because of the wide amount of different entertainment options it offered.

The winner of the EFTM Best Entertainment 2016 is the Fetch TV Mini.

This simple little set-top box will cost you just $149, but once plugged in you are able to access everything from Streaming services, your Free-to-air channels, Subscription TV, Movies on demand and more.


There are plenty of similar options but none quite offer themselves as the complete HDMI 1 solution.  The reason you’d want to keep the TV on HDMI 1 no matter what you want to watch.

Fetch TV Mighty is the big-brother of the Mini and at $399 offers recording capabilities that make it one of the best PVRs on the market – but for simplicity and price, the Mini is our winner for 2016.