If you’re out and about or travelling around Australia and can’t get access to a TV the new Freeview FV app is here to give you access to every Free-to-air channel right there on your mobile.


Available now, the App is a credit to the networks for the collaboration given it’s seamless operation.  While Freeview Plus was a strong collaboration between the networks for Hybrid Broadcast and Internet connected services, the number of TVs available and overall usability left a lot to be desired.

Freeview FV puts all the channels in one app.  In our basic testing it appears you do not need any other app installed to watch ABC, SBS, Ten and Seven – all load their stream directly within the Freeview FV app. Nine Network channels require the 9Now app to be installed on your device and a user logged in.


This would enable Nine to better manage their streams and stream content including advertising which across the web is moving more and more to a personalised approach for users.

On Android once 9Now is installed and logged in, the live stream is still played out in the 9Now app, but its a fast switch to the app and immediate stream – meeting the “one click” commitment Freeview made about the Freeview FV app.

While I have not tested it, I understand the Nine streams play within Freeview FV on iOS devices once you have the 9Now app and are logged in.

When watching channels through Freeview FV the streams load quickly, and the feed appears at the top of your phone while other channels can be browsed.

Catch Up content is also referenced, though in our testing this also directs you to an entirely new app.

As a version 1.0 this is outstanding, top work by Freeview and the networks.

Available now on hAndroid & iOS