Of the 30 EFTM Best Awards in 2016 this is probably the first we’ve announced of the top-tier products – the Smartphone.  Which Smartphone is the best?  It’s a tough question and you might think it would take some time to consider – but not this year.  We went straight for the Huawei P9 and its dual lens Leica camera.

Head to head on specs it’s hard to argue that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 models are some of the best equipped and best performing.  But this award is not for the fastest smartphone processor, not for the best smartphone screen, and not for the best smartphone camera.


Our Award is a consumer award, which Smartphone is the Best all-round. The reason the Huawei P9 takes the EFTM Best Smartphone is on value and performance combined.

The Huawei P9 is the only smartphone other than my default iPhone usage, that I’ve ever come back to after the initial review period.  It’s a great size and weight making it great to carry and hold.

Performance wise I can’t imagine any user complaining about the app launch speed or general usage.  And the camera is fantastic.  Rather than the dual camera approach taken by LG and Apple where each lens is a different view – iPhone has a 2x zoom, LG has a wider angle.


The Leica camera on the Huawei P9 has a colour lens and a monochrome lens.  They work together to produce a more vibrant image.

Then, and perhaps most critically, there’s the price.  $799.  Amazing value for what you’re getting.  That is why we’ve awarded the Huawei P9 the EFTM Best Smartphone 2016.