Even though we’re all about blokes stuff, we’ve got wives too – so we appreciate the need to keep a keen eye out for gifts for birthday or Christmas or perhaps that random time of the year.

When we met Lorna and Bel they had a real passion for their idea and had clearly given it not just a lot of thought, but a great amount of design time too.


The smartbag is a fantastic clutch purse made from quality materials to look and feel nice, but also packed a simple feature – in-built charging for your mobile device.

A pocket on one side to keep your smartphone in yet still be accessible without opening the bag, and a battery inside with wires feeding into that pocket.

For the woman on-the-go its going to mean no low battery dramas and it’s the concept, execution and great Aussie story that make this smartbag the EFTM Best for Her in 2016.