CES, the biggest tech show in the world. Where the biggest companies in the world come to show off their newest and greatest products. There are also the little guys, trying to find a distributer for the next great idea. But then, you have POTATO, the world’s first smart potato.

A startup by a young French man, Nicolas Baldeck that describes himself as an entrepreneur, artist and innovator.

Without so much as a smirk, Nicolas tells me that the product is an electronic card that is stuck into the potato. POTATO takes it electricity from the potato and decodes POTATO language and translates is into a Bluetooth connection.

With an app on his smartphone, Nicolas then asks POTATO a question and it becomes your very own smart assistant. Through the app, it is also possible to monitor your potato’s health and feelings in real time.

If you’re gullible enough, POTATO is allegedly available for sale here.

While Nicolas seems like a lovely chap, his crowdfunding link doesn’t work, website doesn’t exist and frankly the idea is ridiculous. So, well played Nicolas, if you’re trolling the CES media. If you aren’t, not just the product but your go to market strategy needs a lot of work. A lot.

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