It’s not every year a car company gets to go “you know what, lets re-think everything about our design”, no, they need to plan a look, a feel, a signature style over many years to ensure it can flow through an entire model range that might last six to ten years in total.


Infiniti have launched the Q60 into Australia and it’s the first really full and true vision for Infiniti styling in the newly refreshed range.

The Q30 hatch/cross-over carries this family theme too, but the Q60 coupe seems to push it to the limit at every corner.

They don’t sell in the thousands here, there’s more Ferrari’s sold in Australia than Infiniti’s just now, but 2017 will see that change with more models, more stock and more dealers overall.


I drove the Q60 from the Yarra Valley on the outskirts of Melbourne through the winding country roads leading back to the northern Melbourne area.

On the road it was great.  A tight, perhaps hard steering feel – which is always disarming at first because it’s an electric steering that isn’t quite what you’re used to.


Despite being the 2.0litre variant (sporty model with bigger engine comes in March next year) – the power was there for the overtakes and I never felt like I was left wanting at all.

On the infotainment side of things Infiniti are persisting with the dual screen approach, yet still no sign of Android Auto and Apple Car Play – disappointing to say the least.

It was a quiet ride too – though I chatted most of the way, I never felt the road noise intrude in any way.


Infiniti are no slouch when it comes to on-road tech too, with electronic this and that scattered throughout the spec sheet list.

Starting price is $62,900 for the GT, with another $3,000 buying the “enhancement pack” with additional driver aides.

A sport version will come in March at $70,900 and the 3.0 litre V6 will be $88,900 in March 2017.


They won’t sell many of these, but that’s what makes them stand out on the road.  The Q60 is a precursor to bigger things to come from Infiniti in 2017 and that’s a good sign.

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