Despite all the modern safety features in cars these days, there’s one danger that can cause serious carnage or worse. Being flung about the car is one thing but hitting your passenger via a head clash for example could be lethal.

Hyundai Motor Group has today announced a new centre side airbag, designed to separate the gap between driver and passenger. 

The centre airbag deploys from the driver’s seat and will do so even if there’s no one in the front passenger seat, adding even more protection from a side intrusion for the driver. The company believes the new airbag could reduce head injuries by 80 per cent. 

Euro NCAP ratings, that Australia’s crash body ANCAP largely follows is expected take side impact bags into consideration by 2020.

“The development of centre side airbag goes beyond adding an additional airbag,” said Hyock In Kwon, research engineer from Crash Safety System Engineering Design Team of Hyundai Motor Group. “We will continue striving to further improve passenger safety by being ready for all kinds of accidents”.