That Nintendo Classic Mini NES is going to set you back big bucks

Perhaps EB Games should just stick to retail bricks and mortar stores?  Perhaps Nintendo need a bit of wider exposure for their hot as anything Classic Entertainment System console and should have it in more stores.  Regardless, we’re left with the situation which has people wanting the $99 console and being unable to buy it – or even pre-order it.

This $99 “Classic Mini” is a real hit – it’s retro gaming, affordable and no fuss.

The first shipment to Australia sold out, and yesterday EB Games were going to take pre-orders online for a second shipment due in September.  Sadly, as if struck by Census fever, the website crashed.


New plan.  Upgrade the website and offer the pre-orders from Midday on Tuesday!

Midday Tuesday – website fails. Some like me, might have gotten a NES Classic Mini into a “shopping cart” but no further.  The website has been rebooted, but – alas, it’s all gone pair shaped for EB Games.


If you want one, plenty of enterprising folks are selling them on eBay.


Of course, the premium is high.  $350 or so – that’s more than three times the outright price.  It’s also almost the cost of a brand new Xbox or PS4!


Go Figure!

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