Starting at just under $75,000 plus options and on-roads, the Jaguar F-Pace is not an overpriced SUV but it’s not the cheapest either.  One thing it does exude though is luxury. It’s a Jaguar after all and they don’t just let second-rate run off the production line.


When we first drove the F-Pace around Byron Bay it was a breath of fresh air – plenty of SUVs do what they are intended, but this has a very Jaguar Look, and on the inside it’s all about practical luxury.

I’m not saying for a minute there aren’t better fitted or equipped cars on the road – heck I’ll take a Rolls Royce any day, but lets weigh things up against the hip pocket folks.

You put a Jaguar F-Pace in the driveway and the neighbours are going to assume things are going very well.


Take your mates for a ride or road trip and they’re going to be embraced by comfort.

As far as luxury cars go, I reckon uniqueness is a key appeal, and once you realise that the F-Pace is indeed unique, plus it drives well, is comfortable and has all the trimmings, you’re going to be blown away by its stunning good looks.


We’re partial to the F-Type, for sure, and that inspiration was evident from day one with the F-Pace – as far as putting my money down on a Luxury car – the F-Pace has everything going for it.


All that, and then some make the Jaguar F-Pace the 2016 EFTM Best Luxury Car.