With summer around the corner it might be time to freshen up your eye protection from the sun. Walking into a store or shopping for new sunnies online means you’re faced with hundreds of choices. Where do you start? By brand? By style? You should actually start by looking in the mirror and assessing that face of yours. Your facial shape will help dictate what type of glasses will look best on you. Thanks to visiondirect.com.au we’ve got the tips.


Round Face

Do – Pick Square shaped or cat-eye shaped frames as they add angles to your face.

Don’t – Pick round shapes. They will only accentuate your round features and remove any angles you may have.


Square Face

Do – Pick frames that add curves and softness to the face. Aviator and round shapes are a great pick.

Don’t – Go for boxy square or rectangular frames as they will only add in angles and throw your face out of proportion.


Heart Face

Do – Pick a frame that takes attention away from the forehead. Aviator shapes are great for this or anything that sits wider than the face.

Don’t – Pick a small pair of sunglasses. They will only make your face appear larger than it is.


Oval Face

Do – Be bold. You can experiment with unusual shapes and colours.

Don’t – Pick a pair that throws off the natural perfection of your face.


Try it on!

Getting the face shape correct helps but always make sure you try your options on, if you are shopping online some websites like VisionDirect have a smart way of virtually trying on sunglasses using your webcam and augmented reality to see them on your face. Worth a try!