It’s my Birthday, and sitting in the driveway is a Honda Odyssey – a great family car.  But honestly, what better day to reflect on the images of a stunning bit of motoring genius – the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.


The Berlinetta has the long low nose that almost immediately identifies it as a Ferrari, so many unique qualifying features of the design give it that appeal and instills a sense of lust on anyone who sees her.

Under the hood is an outstanding V12 direct injection, naturally aspirated beast – and it carries both the sound and power you want from your $720,000 prancing horse.


The “Beige Tradizionale” interior sets itself perfectly against the black “Nero Daytona” exterior, while the passenger gets Ferrari’s fun second dash with rev graphics and speed on a digital display built into the dash above the glovebox.

This is not a daily driver, strange as it seems I really still feel the California T is that car, but the F12 would be perfect for your weekend cruise.


Power on tap, corners that disappear and looks to die for.

You know you want one.

Here’s pretty much ever photo I took of this glorious beast.