Smoking food is the best kind of smoking. Smoking meat requires a large outdoor appliance, a beard and hours of time. Adding a smokey flavour to… anything though doesn’t need to be complicated.

Enter the Breville Smoking Gun, a very simple way to add that smokey flavour to any dish you wish, but does it work?


Well, first things first, the Smoking Gun is not a product to “smoke” your meat, it isn’t here to cook anything. Nor does it claim to.

We love a hickory flavour on our steaks so we started there.

In the box is two jars, one containing Hickory chips and the other containing Applewood. Both different flavours entirely. You’ll also find the very easy to assemble Smoking Gun and a bunch of recipes. The Smoking Gun is battery powered (included) and the instructions are super simple.

We take the two steaks, season, grill and remove. Both cooked the same way, same amount of time etc. We rest one steak and the other goes under a cloche. It takes a few seconds to light up the hickory chips in the Smoking Gun, switch the Gun to low speed and the smokey bellows into the cloche, we quickly lose visibility of the steak and the smell is gooooood. We let that go for a minute or two and then remove the Gun, lock in as much smoke as possible and let it rest.


Minutes later we test the two. My oh my. There is a very noticeable flavour coming through, we go back and forth to each steak and yep, the Smoking Gun has done a remarkable job adding some smokiness to the meat. We’re in love.

Running to the fridge to bring out some Brie cheese. Cut it up into a few pieces, throw in the Applewood chips and smoke the Brie. Boom again. The cheese experience has improved and we’re in love.


The Breville Smoking Gun is THE kitchen gadget for someone who has everything. It is so great for entertaining, people will be amazed seeing the smoke in the cloche, seeing you lift it and like magic your food (or drinks) have evolved. For $119.95 it is a very reasonable Christmas gift too.