Nope, I’m not going to repost the photos of Sam Armytage here, nor am I going to link to the gutter reporting that was published yesterday online – what I am going to do is appeal to the low bloke who wrote the story to take a good hard look at himself in the mirror and think about what a scum job he’s got.

r3b9epaqMax Margan is his name.  He’s a report for the “Daily Mail” Australia.  Looking at his Twitter account it seems he moved from the UK to Australia to work for the Daily Mail here – though it’s also entirely possible he is still in the UK sitting in a boring cubicle writing stupid stories about Australian celebrities using headlines longer than the first paragraph of any story should ever be.

The story published yesterday about Samantha Armytage was completely useless.  Honestly, what point did it serve?

And worse still, it’s just another day at the Daily Mail.  Karl Stefanovic comes home from a week in Melbourne with his mum and doesn’t smile at the annoying paparazzi walking in front of him every step of the way? Give me a break folks.

Armytage told Buzzfeed that the article or her issue with it is now in the hands of her lawyers, now I don’t know what she can go them for, but know this Sam – we’re all behind you.

I for one am not a reader of the Daily Mail, nor is it a “guilty pleasure”, but there’s nothing about this that feminists should be up in arms about – there’s everything about it that decent human beings should be up in arms against.

And let’s not forget, Superman wore his ‘granny’ undies on the outside – shit, hang on, even Wonder Woman wore her “granny” undies with pride mate.

Max, do yourself a favour, get a new job – or start a MySpace page for your “Showbiz News” – perhaps you should head back to the Liverpool Echo where Sheep are front page news.