The MacBook didn’t get that much attention when it shipped with just one USB-C port – because it was a whole new device, something for the wireless world, but when Apple announced the new MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports the world went crazy.  So, how do you live with USB-C only?  Adaptors folks:)

The MacBook Pro isn’t the reason I have these adaptors, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S that got me hooked.  Travelling the world with that tablet/laptop meant I needed a way to get photos of an SD Card or MicroSD and connect USB cables.

Now that the rest of you are wise to this new game, here’s three great adaptors to get you through everything you need.

Moshi – USB-C Multiport Adaptor – $129.95

This guy comes in Apple colours so you can colour co-ordinate which is nice – but the real market here is the people doing presentations.


Moshi have included a USB port, HDMI port and a USB-C port on this adaptor.  The HDMI is what’s important here allowing you to get back to your presentations without a specific dongle.  Buying a multi-purpose dongle like this means a better use of the cash you spend this guy is two dongles in one plus gives you back your USB-C port for charging.


Belkin – 4-Port Mini Hub – $74.95


A similar cable included fold-out approach to Moshi, this Belkin Hub gives you back what you’re missing – USB ports.  This means you can keep using the same cable for your smartphone as well as having outputs to other USB-C connected devices.

Laser – USB-C 5-in-1 Multiport Adaptor – $69.95

You’d think the cheapest one would be the least feature rich. Wrong.


This little guy has travelled the world with me and saved me from plenty of sticky “how do I get that file or photo from that device to here” situations.

At $70 bucks it’s a steal.  Not just USB ports (2 of them), Not just an SD Card reader – also a MicroSD, this little unit plugs into the side of your device and acts as one with your machine.


I can see the benefit of the cabled styles above in some situations, but in most cases – this little fella will do everything you need.