Pizza Hut delivery guy knocks on the door.  Thanks mate – he hands over the large box and a bottle of Pepsi.  At first I assumed Pizza Hut were launching a fancy new flavour, some stuffed crust something or other – but it turns out, it’s all about the box.


Well, to be fair, it’s all about the deal – the box just comes with it.

This summer, expect to see lots of Pizza Hut ads for “Take it to your Hut Spot” – personally, I’d have workshopped that tagline a bit more.  But anyway.

The deal they’re keen to get across to you is for the family – the Family Treat Box.

“Summer is all about fun with friends and family, and the Family Treat Box will hit definitely the spot, so to speak,” said Pizza Hut Australia CEO Lisa Ransom. “We want to make it easy for everyone, wherever they are, to share great pizza and great company.”


And it’s a good deal, two pizzas, cheesy breadstsicks, a creamy garlic dip, Hershey’s chocolate chip cookie dessert and it all starts at $27 (Pickup).

Once you’re done with lunch though, the large box that whole lot comes in turns into a mini footy game.

Carefully tear along the perforated edges to reveal the goal posts, then pop out and fold up the “ball”.  Instructions weren’t entirely clear, but I ended up with little triangles.

Idea is simple, from in front of the posts it’s one point, on the corner of the box it’s two points.  Hold the point with one finger and flick the base with the other hand and over it goes.  Well – sometimes.

Not bad, a good 20 mins fun or more there for the family – of all ages.

This all comes at the same time Pizza Hut transitions to Australian management for the first time, as well as acquiring over 50 Eagle Boys stores that are now being converted to Pizza Hut.