Get Some Impossible Pork on Your Fork

We don’t eat pork in our house. This is not because of religious reasons, rather when Lucca became old enough to join the dots from farm to table we supported him in his choice to exclude pork from the weekly shop. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss it though. Mmmmm … bacon.

Now, I can have my … er… pork and eat it too. Impossible has used CES 2020 to launch their new ‘Ímpossible Pork Made From Plants’ meat substitute. Following on the success of the Impossible Burger, now you can have a healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to pork. I was skeptical, but can happily report that they are really on to something with this, it’s absolutely delicious. Really!

Impossible used Las Vegas’ KUMI Japanese restaurant to showcase a huge number of dishes using Pork Made From Plants. The texture is 100% pork mince and the flavour is easily 95% pork. I’m all in. Far healthier than pork and almost as tasty. Try it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. 

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Get Some Impossible Pork on Your Fork
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