You know how you get maybe 1GB or 3GB perhaps you’re lucky to have 10GB of data per month on your mobile plan?  Telstra reckon 1,150,000GB will be downloaded today – an unprecedented amount on New Years Eve.

That 1.15 million GB (or 1,150TB) is a 40% jump on last year and Telstra’s Director for Wireless Network Engineering, Channa Seneviratne, said that after a record data use on Christmas Day, there’s every likelyhood that trend will continue today as we prepare to count in 2017.

“The explosion in mobile usage and the increasing access to high-speed 4G and 4GX technology have created more ways for people to connect during the holidays.

“The amount of data we predict to be downloaded on New Year’s Eve is the equivalent of one person continuously watching 90 years of High Definition content, which is a fair load for the network to carry,” said Mr Seneviratne.

“That means a lot of videos and photos capturing the celebrations.

“We also expect plenty of traffic via text messages with the peak coming between 11pm and 2am, when we predict over 12.6 million text messages will be sent through the network.”

Here’s what Telstra predict for their network this New Years Eve:

  • Up to 12.6 million text messages between 11pm and 2am
  • Almost 1,150 TB of downloaded data  (1.15 million GB)
  • Up to 55 million text messages
  • Up to 40 million calls from mobiles