You may have spent today under the impression Microsoft was “killing” the program known as “Paint” – that place where you opened images, scribbled on them, maybe resized them.  Problem is, they’re not.

What Microsoft is doing is cleaning up the Windows 10 operating system, getting rid of old and useless code to make it a more efficient system.

Paint is part of that. It’s old, and useless.

But it ain’t dead.  It will still be available in the Windows Store.  A quick check of the technical list of changes on the Microsoft site would have confirmed this.

So no, Paint is not dead.  No, it won’t be installed by default as part of Windows 10, but that won’t be because of an anti-trust suit, that’s because it’s a rubbish program, and there are better online tools today as well as an much improved Paint 3D program built in.

Relax everyone, and most importantly, stop using PAINT!