RIP Blackberry, well the Waterloo Canada based Blackberry – because the brand is back.  We thought it was dead but it has risen from the ashes and we should see new Blackberry phones in Australia in 2017.


TCL has entered into a long-term licensing agreement with Blackberry which covers both the brand and the use of the secure Blackberry software and at CES they have given a sneak peek at the new keyboard blackberry coming in 2017.

It looks bloody good actually, and while the first Blackberry we’ve seen is in fact the high-end Alcatel Idol 4 in new clothes, this keyboard based smartphone is all new, and carries some solid “old school” Blackberry design cues.

This device will be revealed in full at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February at which time we’ll learn all about its specifications too.



“At TCL Communication, we are committed to creating the best BlackBerry products for consumers and enterprise users,” said Nicolas Zibell, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Communication.

Features are said to be:

Keyboard: The world’s most advanced intelligent keyboard to date: touch sensitive with predictive typing functionality customized to your writing style and language preferences

Tactility: High-gloss polished keys mimic the finish of the display glass, giving a consistent, polished look across the front of the device

Security: Device security built-in from the start using trusted BlackBerry security software that is updated in real-time to ensure the best protection for your corporate and personal data

Android: 100% Android for access to all your apps and data and the entire Android ecosystem and OS updates

Alcatel in Australia will be establishing a separate Blackberry business under the guidance and leadership of Alcatel’s local boss Sam Skontos giving Alcatel a solid crack at two ends of the demographic market – with Alcatel targeting the young, and Blackberry to the professional.

We’ll have more details in March after the launch at MWC.