At CES in Las Vegas we found a small product that NES Classic Edition owners will froth over. A wireless controller for NES Classic Edition is now available through Amazon and we met the guys who make them.

The controller resembles the wired version but they’ve made some improvements along the way rather than just making it wireless.


The controller will work up to 9 meters away (or 30 feet) without a problem, it runs on two AAA batteries for over 20 hours and is very much just plug and play. It took a couple of seconds after plugging the adapter in for the controller to be ready.

One other complaint generally made about the NES Classic Edition is that if you want to get to the home screen you need to press the Reset button on the console itself. With the wireless controller you can press Select and Start together and boom you’re done. No need to get up.


On the back of the controller is another nice modification which users will be happy about, they’ve changed the flat backing to be a little more moulded for better and comfortable grip.

Interestingly, the wireless controller can also be used on Wii and Wii U, if you have one.


The best bit about this answer to all our complaints about the NES Classic Edition? The controller will only cost you $15 + shipping to Australia.


We were so impressed with the GamePad Classic Wireless Controller that we have awarded it the EFTM Best Accessory at CES award for 2017.

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