With thousands of companies and tens of thousands of products it’s impossible for any one person or even one media organisation to see or even hear about ever single product at the show.  But for those many hundreds of things we do see – EFTM has chosen to award thirteen of our EFTM Best awards for CES.

The team have known the categories for some time, and over the first few days of the event gave careful consideration to each award category to see what great things stick out in our minds for the awards.  Here are our winners:

Best of Best : LG Signature OLED W Series


This thing is insane, but it’s real – that’s what makes it so great.  A TV that’s 2.57mm thin and when wall mounted it’s 4mm – crazy.  You’ve gotta see it.

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Best Innovation :Nuheara IQ Buds


Aussie company, great idea – not just noise cancelling but the ability to isolate conversation and amplify it for easy conversation in loud spaces!

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Best Appliance : Whirlpool Zera


Less landfill, great gardens.  Whirlpool has created something that can allow you to do some good with your food scraps and get your green thumb going.

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Best Home Entertainment : LG SJ7


This is not LG’s best soundbar, but its the most versatile.  Front soundbar, separated front speakers, front and rear, and even a remote Bluetooth speaker.  Loved it!

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Best Audio : Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker


Premium modern design, great look, and high-quality audio upscaling – this is a great speaker

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Best IoT : Withings Smart Brush



I mean, come on – It’s a connected hairbrush – what more can we say!

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Best Automotive : VW Concept Cockpit


We can see this happening, aside from the concept the idea that Augmented Reality can be used to enhance the driver experience is a very exciting one – well worth a look

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Best Wearable : Casio rugged smartwatch



It doesn’t look like a smartwatch, but it is – that’s what’s so great here.  Plus CASIO’s enhanced software for the active users makes it fit for purpose.

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Best Gadget : Sunflower Sunshade


You love the shade but hate moving to accomodate the movement of the sun – well, this enormous gadget does the hard work for you!

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Best Accessory : Nintendo wireless controller


This is not just a wireless NES Classic controller – the team behind this have added functions for an easy reset so there is no need to get up at all!  Nice work

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Bloody Ripper Idea : 360 Smart Bed


Snoring problems?  Cold feet?  This bed has you covered!

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Bloody Ripper Idea : Dozer the sleep sheep


Cute little Dozer will play music to get the kids to sleep, and will track their sleep so Mum and Dad can see how they’re doing and get real-time alerts.

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Bloody Ripper Idea : Edwin the Duck


Your Rubber Ducky makes a noise when you squeeze it?  LAME – check out this guy:

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