If you’re looking for a new mobile deal and are prepared to switch carriers, Kogan Mobile has a new offer to incentivise new customers to try them out – and it’s easily the best deal in the country.

With Vaya announcing new plans today, Aldi doing likewise I was scanning the Kogan website to see what they might be offering and look what I have found:

12GB of data for $1 along with Unlimited calls and texts.  Yep, $1.

Now this is not an ongoing deal, you will have to recharge after 30 days on one of the existing Kogan Mobile deals (which themselves are quite good) but if you’ve got some downloads to do and are keen to try out Kogan Mobile – which uses the Vodafone 4G Network, now is the time.


The voucher for the offer is available at Kogan.com and can be redeemed when you are ready any time in the next few months.

There are some smart cookies out there who shop and swap every month and they will be all over this one like a rash.  $1 for 12GB.  I think my call that a Data War is underway was spot on:)

Buy the voucher online at Kogan.com