Seinfeld fans, start saving, we’ve found the ultimate treat for you – a replica of the Seinfeld set and it could be yours for just over $500 (plus delivery)!

Yeah, so it’s not cheap, but have a look, it’s got every feature of the actual set, and it comes in at around 42cm wide, almost 30cm deep and stands 16.5cm tall.

The company sell them reckon they are shipping them in June and there will be just 5,000 made.

It’s a detailed replica of the classic apartment 5A where Jerry lived and some of the best moments of the show were shot.

So, if your partner is a Seinfeld fan – start saving.  If you’re the fan, don’t tell the missus what it cost!

It’s shipping only to the US, so you’re going tom need a trusty shipping agent to get it here.