We’ve walked tens of thousands of steps, we’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of products and we’ve wondered what if anything some things are even for. But across the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre and the Hotel and Casino conference Halls of this City there have been absolute standouts in our eyes.

Over these last five days we’ve handed out just 19 awards, the EFTM Editors Choice “Best Awards” for CES 2024.

The criteria? Well, it’s really a combination of items that show innovation, consumer appeal as well as being the most exciting things we see.

So, here are the EFTM Best of CES for 2024:

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro

We knew this was a cool product, but actually using it at CES confirmed it. The simplicity of pairing with an iPhone via a simple Tap, through to the lack of need for a third party app make this the ultimate for content creators.

When I then tested it on random apps with video capabilities I knew it was next level. This is tight integration from Apple with DockKit and Belkin has taken a strong lead in the use of it for a properly useful consumer product – particularly in the content creator space.

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I’ve seen plenty, and I mean plenty of attempts at laptops with extra screens. Dual screens, folding screens you name it.

But they all missed the mark. Even ASUS’s own ZenBook range has had a push into this area with screens on touchpad, big second screens above the keyboard, all cool – very functional.

This year though, they’ve found the sweet spot. The best of both worlds. A Normal laptop, just lift off the screen and it’s a whole extra OLED display. And the laptop has a built-in stand so it’s all functional and usable without accessories. Nailed it.

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Hisense C1 Long-throw projector

While Hisense are strong on their Laser TV offering, the world of projection is so much more. This new C1 Projector which I first saw at IFA in Berlin took it to a new level.

Firstly because while not as portable as an LG or Samsung lifestyle projector, this is absolutely something you can move room to room as the need arises.

Then add the smarts for it to avoid obstructions in the projected space – boom, winner.

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TCL 115 QD Mini LED TV

Hold my Beer called TCL as they saw more 98 inch, or even 100 inch TV’s announced. Hisense held the title of biggest TV in 2023, this year it goes to TCL and it’s a stunner too.

The 115 inch QD Mini LED is the pinnacle of their range, and will be on sale in Australia, for those with deep pockets.

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LG Transparent OLED T

An absolute show-stopper, the LG OLED T is a production version of years of showcasing transparency in TV. Not a gimmick, this is a real product LG will make available.

The thought that went into the user interface, the extra “not watching” content options like weather or calendar are going to drive it’s use. Though, It’s certainly not for everyone.

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Mercedes CLA Concept

An absolutely stunning design for what is essentially a near entry-level model for Mercedes-Benz, the CLA Concept, represents what I desperately hope is the future direction for the German maker. The CLA Concept borrows from classic Mercedes-Benz models from the past, the 300SL style grill for example, but brings with it more recent design elements, reminiscent of the EQS. If Mercedes can somehow transition the CLA Concept to production with the absolute minimum of changes they will sell every one that they can make. Simply, photographs can not do justice to what is a stunning car in the flesh.

VinFast Wild (Designed by Gomotiv)

When Aussie car designers are getting attention at CES it’s worth a look, and this Vinfast Wild concept Dual-Cab ute is a cracker. Not crazy like a CyberTruck, more future thinking for the EV future.

An easy big-seller if they could make it to Australia.

Withings Beamo (at CES Unveiled)

A device for at-home health monitoring of your heart and more is a good thing.

WiThings have a history of getting certification for these health products, so we expect BeamO to make it to market to allow ECG, Stethascope, Blood Oxygen and Temperature readings at home, ready to share with your health-care professional.

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Glüxkind Pram (at CES Unveiled)

A pram with e-bike-like rolling assistance. Yes please. It’s not lazy, you still have to walk, but it takes the effort out of the hills, and adds speakers for sound, and also a self-rocking feature for those cafe stops.

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Australia being a swimming nation could benefit from a new fitness tracker on the market. Holoswim are a pair of AR swimming goggles bringing real time metrics to your swim by offering stroke tracking and other metrics.

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Willtex Portable oven

An innovative product designed to heat up your meals on the move. Its a portable microwave that will heat up to 120 degrees in just 20 minutes. Not only functional, it looks good too.

ORo Robot Companion (at CES Unveiled)

Why shouldn’t your Dog have a robot companion while you’re off working your arse off?

Keep an eye on your furry friend, even talk to them, and play catch. A great idea, but actually more-so when you realise it’s a pathway to a more wholistic companion robot market.

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Ilume Pet Health System

An Australian company looking to make it big in the US. The ilume Pet Health System is a whollistic approach to pet care, monitoring caloric intake based on their own database of dog foods and the activity levels of your dog. Great looking product.

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JBL Quantum Stream Wireless Microphone

Taking on some big Audio players with an eye on content creators, JBL’s new clip-on wireless microphone is easy to use, great quality and affordable.

Awesome new product sure to be seen in many TikToks coming soon!

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Honda 0 Series Saloon

This is Honda’s new 0 Series with an emphasis on light weight, they reckon this is how they’ll get EV efficiency which is the holy grail of the Electric Vehicle future – as a concept, looks amazing, but it’s their vision that is so appealing.

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Jackery Rooftop Solar Tent

We’ve all seen those fully laden 4WD and Dual-Cabs ready for camping. Well that rooftop tent could serve a bigger purpose if Jackery get this to market.

Huge solar panels offering charge and power for your adventures, a simple use of existing space and concepts.

Bollinger Motors B1 and B2

Bollinger Motors have taken their no nonsense approach to electric trucks to the off-road arena with the spectacular B1 and B2 wagon and dual cab ute. Think of the love child of a 79 Toyota Landcruiser, Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes-Benz G Class and Land Rover Defender and you are getting close to what Bollinger describe as “the bare essentials, refined”. The fully electric trucks are designed, engineered and assembled in Motor City (Detroit) and even include portal axles! Only a Unimog will challenge this beast off-road.


It’s a flying car for crying out loud!

Will it come to market? I don’t know – and frankly doubt it, but I have huge respect for the effort here, the refined concept and display and the passion of this team.

Makes me realise it’s not about the “can” it be done, it’s more about how and when which comes down to regulation.

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HeatIT (at CES Unveiled) 

I bloody hate Mosquitos – or Mozzies as we know them (lots of TikTok comments had no idea what I was talking about). And this is a great idea.

Keep HeatIT on your keyring, get a mozzie bite, and put the HeatIt in your smartphone port.

Open the app, press one button the end of the item heats and you place that on the bite. Takes away the itch, and therefor the pain.

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