Pets are a great addition to the family, kids love them, they often get you out for exercise and heaven knows the kids are probably always nagging you for one. But who’s left to look after them after the first few days? Mum and Dad.  Krabooz is an app that teaches kids about caring for a pet – a real one too.

This is not some virtual pet we’re talking about here – this is the real deal, except it’s not quite as difficult as a cat or dog.

You pop into Petbarn and buy yourself a Krabooz, it’s a hermit crab.  Get yourself a little home for it, then download the app.

Kids will then be able to name their Krabooz, and get alerts to care for it each day.

If they aren’t getting the care and love they need the parents will know because there’s a separate login for the mum and dad in the house to see if your Krabooz is being looked after.

Hear my interview with one of the Krabooz founders on Talking Lifestyle this week:

“We created The Krabooz, hermit crabs, to become the perfect pet for kids, which allows the parent to actually take the back seat on responsibility and looking after a pet” said Anthony Torr, Managing Director, The Krabooz.

“We are very proud to bring the first pet care app of its kind, in the world, to Australian families, first. The app teaches kids how to care for pets properly so they can reap the social benefits of pet ownership.

“We have made the app engaging and fun and kids are even able to build their own virtual Krabooz, which represents their ‘live’ pet’, said Torr.

All very affordable and a great way to “test” if the kids are ready for a bigger pet with bigger responsabilities.

Also a great Aussie story, they’ll soon launch in the USA in thousands of Petco stores!

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