One of the most popular retail and service brands on the planet has announced a new range of educational programs in their retail stores – Apple, with 495 stores will launch all new programs to educate users in their stores.

This is not the first educational programs Apple have hosted, nor is it new to almost any store – however, the scale of the program, running across all Apple Stores is enormous.

At the largest flagship stores there will be a large number of programs, while at the smaller “suburban” stores there will be programs perhaps not as many or as frequent.

The educational sessions range from photo, video, art, design and coding and demonstrate to users hands-on learning with Apple products.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail explains, “At the heart of every Apple Store is the desire to educate and inspire the communities we serve,” .

“‘Today at Apple’ is one of the ways we’re evolving our experience to better serve local customers and entrepreneurs. We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new passion, or take their skill to the next level. We think it will be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone who joins.”

The programs are free, and only require you to book at your local store.  My son has done two holiday programs with Apple and their staff are fantastic,  generous with time and of course have the patience of saints.

If you own an iPhone and are interested in photography, you can take six how-to sessions on shooting, organising your photos, editing photos and more.

Importantly, Apple is also targeting educators.  With Teacher Tuesday allowing teachers to learn new ways to incorporate technology into classrooms.

There are also family opportunities with weekend Kids Hour sessions from music making to coding with robots.


Find your local Apple store online and book when sessions are listed – be quick, they fill fast!